Why There Is Excess Heat In Lagos

Lagosians Have been complaining about excess heat these days, the sun is usually very hot and as a result of this, people usually take their bath more than thrice in a day.

At times, when you turn on the fan or The Air conditional, you receive hot breeze and begin to complain if the AC is working or the fan is anyway reaching you. The Temperature is very high in Lagos and see other States in Nigeria.

I know you are wondering why all these are happening, let me explain. When the heat energy from the sun which has a very high temperature reaches the earth, the Ozone layer acts as a shield protecting too much heat energy from reaching the earth’s Surface.

Currently, there is a depletion of the Ozone layer Which means an increase in the level of ultra-violet radiation Which causes high temperature and sunburns. It is caused by a tremendous increase in the release of pollutants into the air such as Carbon monoxide from exhaust, combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, petrol, gasoline and gases.

These fossil fuels are used by factories, power plants and vehicles such as cars, trains and aircraft. These poisonous chemicals mix with the atmosphere and diminish the Ozone layer.

That is the reason why the temperature is very high and people feel heated.

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