Why Mrs Ajimobi’s voice matter

Opinion- Femi Salawu

Any woman that sees something wrong with the outburst of Late ex-Govenor Abiola Ajimobi’s widow is an enabler of patriarchy. Na dem. I’m worried more about them than the men, those are men doing their thing anyway.
No one should muffle the voice of a woman, a grieving one for that matter. Women are not wired to bottle their feelings or hide emotions and the society has to find a way to live with this. If you don’t like this, goan blame God na. Let the poor woman speak and talk her talk abeg. Don’t silence her, I beg you, that’s not good, please and I think you would understand with me if you are patient to read what I have to say to the end.
Let Mrs Florence Ajimobi speak to how Oyo State government failed to honour her hubby, the immediate past governor who incidentally was the first two-term Governor in the history of the state.
Mrs Ajimobi’s voice represent that of every female that society has unfairly silenced. Raped, abused and molested, women are always at the short end of the stick. They are vulnerable and the collective responsibility of the society is to protect the voice of a woman especially the few courageous ones like Mrs Ajimobi.
Nobody listens to the voice of women like they do to men. The tragedy here is that women are the first to shout down fellow women. To them, it’s a cacophony, a ramble or an aimless rant. And this why our society is backward. Our society is the way it is because our culture does not accomodate the voices of women. A woman must not speak in the gathering of men or sit on the same table as men, all the odds are stashed against women.
We need to put politics aside and look at the cultural significance of what Mrs Ajimobi’s voice symbolizes for our mothers, daughters and wives.
My first instinct was to find accurate information, to get the facts. Let’s say, I have learnt from experience (bitter and sweet) to not react to anything by impulse. Luckily, I found a viral video circulating online where Mrs Ajimobi politely voiced her displeasure at the Deputy Governor in the presence of other visiting guest with a transcript of everything she said as well. And guess what, the Deputy Governor was interrupting her voice. He pointed two fingers to signify the number of times he called Mrs Ajimobi’s mobile number to reach out to her without success. Is that even an excuse in this tech age?
Let’s assume that Oyo State Government got hostile treatment from the Ajimobis for obvious reasons such as party differences etc, what happened to them employing elder Oyo statesmen as emissaries to intervene? Did Oyo Government fully explored all avenues to truly reach out to the Ajimobis. That was poor handling on their part.
Governor Makinde has not learnt anything from elder statesmen and politicians. You do not beat a man on the ground. I recall how ex-VP Atiku Abubakar and the PDP put politics aside to commiserate with President Buhari on the loss of his late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not a fan of the late Governor whom we jokingly refer to as ‘Constituted Authority’ yet I can emphatize with a grieving widow. We must not lose our humanity because of politics. Never!
Like Mrs Ajimobi said, you see this death? We all will die (it) one day. All eyes will now be on Oyo State Government to see how they will remedy their macabre dance on the grave of their immediate past Governor. They still have a chance to visit the family and immortalize late ex-Governor Ajimobi.

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