Why Do We Get Hurt By Those We Love Most

Kingsley Eke

This word “Love” is a key word that tells the feelings of an individual about another person, but in most cases the feelings can’t be reciprocated either because of heart breaks or scared of being committed to only one person or not sharing same feelings with someone thereby making people wonder:

“Why can’t he / she love me the same way I do”? Personally, love is the greatest gift Of God to mankind because without love the world will rot in hate. But the question still remains “Why do we get hurt by those we love most” ?

Most people have had so many horrible experiences about love and have decided not to love, no matter the amount of love bestowed on them by the opposite sex. This is bad because, life is full of ups and downs, Good and evil, smile and cry, but it shouldn’t justify wrong actions or decisions

But from another point of view, some people just can’t reciprocate love simply because of the closeness with who ever trys to make love advances to them, giving excuses like ” We have been friends for years now, so sorry nothing can work out between us”

While some just feel they are not connected to the lover, so either they pretend and later tell the truth or they just despise the person and start avoiding him or her just for love. Which isn’t right

In a nutshell, love binds two imperfect people together, so if the love isn’t going to work out just make it clear early even if it will hurt, it definitely won’t stay same way forever

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