Wear Bespoke Traditional Styles For That Special Party

By Vanessa Okwara

Have you noticed that the traditional ‘Asoebi’ styles of skirt and blouse has eventually fizzled out?! Everyone wants something ‘bespoke’ that is custom-made for them. The bride, guests have become even more tasteful in their choices. Everyone wants to stand out; they want their outfits to have that egoistic personality!

The bespoke traditional outfits have enchanting features that make them unique. So, come with detailed sleeves and freaky designs that set you apart, even if the fabric is an ‘Asoebi’ for a party where every other person invited to the occasion is likely to come with the same fabric.

Bespoke outfits are clean with sophisticated appeal. Floral details, ruffles, feathers and embroidered outfits are one of the major highlights of Nigerian traditional weddings and we love as ladies come slaying in these hot ensembles.

To make an Asoebi fabric to look custom-made for you, adding details is essential. This could come in form of a fringe, feathers, puff sleeves or mixing fabrics. Whichever one your designer chooses to add to make your outfit exclusively designed for you, make sure the outfit has a good fit. That way, you will surely look like the belle of that party.

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