The Sanusi In Me

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Our two major religions came to use from Isreal through Europe, Saudi Arabia and middle east.

When Isreal was developing her land, building capacity in science and technology, we were here fighting religious wars.

When Middle-East was developing Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others, we were here burning down Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Jos, Yola etc, and at the end of the day, we have not become more righteous or developed than Saudi Arabi or Isreal.

How I wish we know the impacts these burnings have on the economy of the north. How many times do you see tourists travelling to Jos today? Do you how many businesses that left Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri etc to other parts of Nigeria if not outside Nigeria?

Oil price is crashing daily, it was Oil that made the World looked at our direction. But as it is today, Nigeria is fast becoming on her own.

The hands that should fix the economy are fast finding their ways to Canada in large numbers as “skill immigrants”.

A major spanner in the wheel of progress of Nigeria, is the north. I say this without any sense of doubt. One of the major obstacles in the wheel of progress of the north is the traditional institutions.

The traditional institutions though have their strengths that I must acknowledge. But strengths that is too far right for rapid change and development is a weakness in disguise.

These traditional institutions have over the years intertwined with politics and socio-economic fabrics of Nigeria and their non reactive atoms of right-wing extremism is slowing down the progressive chain reactions of the socio-economy of the north and Nigeria at large.

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is the catalyst that has come to alter many things including many toxic ideologies of the north that have produced more poverty than prosperity and wellbeing of her people.

While Saudi Arabia today has frightening credentials of development and intimidating external reserve figure of 491 Billion US Dollars (or there about), that of Nigeria hovers in 40s.

While Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates have great and beautiful cities with masterpieces of modern and hi-tech architectures, we have kidnappers taken over the main road that connects the north with south (Kaduna-Abuja road), we have bandits taken over our hills, mountains and farmlands. We have insurgents taken over Sambisa forests and herdsmen defining the streets and skylines of our “modern cities”.

The population of the north is a burden to productivity. As long as the north doesn’t wake-up fast to the challenge to take her population to farms, to bring back the famous graudnut pyramids, build skills and capacities in her population through extensive and proactive education, but isolate her huge and redundant population for elections and electioneering only, then the north is on a perfect route of self destruction.

The world is changing, the north must change. Gone are the days that he who controls NTA, FRCN and Newspapers controlled the media. Like how the north lost grip over the media, it is a matter of time; their grip on power, is a matter of time.

The Sanusi in me, is the one talking!

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