Switch Up Your Style In Long Ankara Jacket

By Vanessa Okwara

Ankara style has taken a huge turn in imbibing modern styles of today and we definitely love the creative ideas. The trend we love right now is the long Ankara jacket or Kimono.

The long Ankara jacket is a statement trend everyone needs in their wardrobe this season. It’s versatile, very handy and forever coming back in different styles. Long Ankara jacket style has elevated from the classic secretary jacket into a more fashionable style such as blazer, knee length or floor length style which comes in both long sleeve and sleeveless version.

We have come across various prints and styles of the Ankara jacket which are interesting to see. These jackets can be casually thrown on any attire at all. If you are looking for that edgy and trendy look, then a long Ankara jacket is your go to style. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and definitely stylish.

Ladies fancy stuff like mixing different Ankara prints to make a jacket; the oversized jacket like a trench coat is worn with denim or a midi black dress. To get a classier look, the collars of the jacket should be detailed or the whole fabric should be stoned. It’s a matter of choice how you want your jacket to be. Some are light weight while some are really thick for structure.

It’s time to switch up your style to something interesting, fun and chic. Look fabulous in the workplace in a well-tailored bell bottoms and long Ankara jacket to match. Remember that paying attention to details is everything you need to give that extra ‘oomph’ to your outfit.

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