Stakeholders Applaud Sanwo-Olu Over Sallah Gifts

The Lagos State governor, Mr. Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu, has been applauded for the state government’s sallah gifts to Lagosians.

Leaders, coordinators, volunteers and founders of various large organizations/groups covering all sectors and spheres of life, including political, non-governmental organisations,NGOs, volunteers, socio-political, educational, professional, artisans, markets, farmers, women, youth, and general interest organizations/groups across the 57 local governments, LGAs, and local council development areas, LCDAs, in Lagos State gave the applause, while appreciating the governor’s large heartedness in ensuring that the sallah gifts, which included rams, cows, pet drinks, packs of bottled water, vegetable oil, rice, butter, spagetti,fFood seasoning and other essentials, were shared beyond party lines.

Members of all Conference of registered Political Parties in Lagos State, traditional rulers, ethnic groups were not left out in the exercise that has become the practice of the ruling party in the state.

In a statement asigned by the Directorate of Media and Publicity of APC Volunteer Group Coordinators, beneficiaries of the gifts eulogises the governor for his magnanimity in giving the gifts, shared through the office of the Senior Special Assistant, SSA, on Political Matters, Mr Pete Ajayi.

The statement added that beneficiaries of the sallah gifts were from across board, as they were not limited to only members of the APC, but to Lagosians who had need, irrespective of their political affliations.

The statement said, “These timely gifts were shared in batches due to the social distancing order.

“Beneficiaries were given items based on their group strength; and they were well received with¬† appreciation.”

The SSA to the Governor on Political Matters, Mr. Ajayi enjoined all representatives, who collected the gifts on behalf of their groups and associations to ensure that the gift items were shared amongst their group members so that everyone can have a good sallah celebration against all odds.

Ajayi also reassured everyone that the executive governor of Lagos State Mr. Sanwo-Olu, is determined to alleviate the stress that the novel COVID-19 pandemic has caused many homes; adding that “the THEMES agenda of the Sanwo-Olu administration is undoubtedly an inclusive governance to the people.”

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