Secrets To My Real Estate Success -T Pumpy

Anthonia Duru

Popular real estate merchant Akintayo Adaralegbe of T. Pumpy concept has disclosed secret to his many strides in the venture.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our reporter in Abuja, he disclosed that integrity is the hallmark of his attainment in the industry.

While answering question on his passion but real estate the Abuja-base realtor said he is living his life within the business.

“I think any business you are doing, not only real estate, if you put in sincerity and honesty and you don’t play with your integrity you will move forward and strive,” he explained.

Adaralegbe whose company sells and develop lands in Guzape, Karsana and other parts of the Federal Capital Territory added further that his passion for the venture keeps him going even in the face of many challenges.

Adaralegbe whose brand is currently having promo 2020 urged prospective relators to endeavour to know more about the business before they venture into it as this is a contributing factor to their success in the business.

T. Pumpy Concept Limited is a fast rising real estate developer in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

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