Lovely Ankara Top And Jeans Styles You Can Rock

Vanessa Okwara

As the world gets more cosmopolitan, designers across board have become creative with the Ankara fabric. It can be made into different types of outfit to fit individual style taste.

These days, women are no longer wearing full-on Ankara outfits but a touch of Ankara – Ankara tops, accessories and skirts, etc.

One of the best ways to wear Ankara is to pair an Ankara top with jeans. Pairing Ankara tops and jeans is one way ladies love to rock their denim as they take advantage of the huge love for the African print .

So having Ankara tops helps you to always look trendy rocking it with any jeans shade of your choice. This type of outfit is especially great on Friday as Thank God is Friday (TGIF) ensemble has become a popular mantra in Nigerian today. A lot of companies even approve Friday’s as Ankara day in their corporate organisations.

Whether it is at the workplace, the street or any other special occasions, you can never go wrong or out of place paring your Ankara with good jeans.

You can also style if for everyday street outfit by pairing it with flat shoes and minimal accessories or you can go on high heels and other fashion accessories to make it suitable for the office or special event.

The Ankara tops can be in form of cape blouses, peplum tops, and gathered blouses or with puff sleeves.

There are different styles you can make your Ankara tops. You can equally make it a wrap top. Wrap tops are so easy to wear. They immediately up your style quotient with minimal efforts from you. These Ankara tops give a new definition to your wardrobe.

Another trendy style is the off-shoulder top. They became quite popular and ladies of different shapes and sizes can rock this trend.

The casual Ankara top with Jeans is becoming quite popular among African ladies so here are a couple of Ankara tops and jeans to inspire you!

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