How To Make Your Electric Prepaid Meter Last For Months Using These Steps

In most areas, post-paid electricity is not more being used as the Prepaid meter has been introduced. With the Prepaid meter, you pay before You get electricity unlike the post-paid that you pay PHCN after the month and failure to do so will result to the PHCN electricians cutting off the wire.

Money is paid to buy the electricity in units, you can buy with little amount of money or large amount. But the disadvantage is that it gradually gets consumed whenever the electricity is used.

There are steps inorder to conserve your prepaid electricity units and save your money:

1. Turn off unused electronics and appliances: like I wrote above, the electricity gets consumed the more you use it. Turn off the fan whenever you are not using it and your TV when not in use.

2. Do not boil water frequently: using of electric boiling kettle drains the prepaid units rapidly, it is advisable to use the appliance seldomly.

3. Turn off All Electronics before leaving the house: You might say, you want to leave your refrigerator turned on, so that the content would be cooled, but it consumes the electricity.

4. Use Power Saving Bulbs: Do not use normal yellow bulb because they have high watts and consumes the electricity rapidly. Purchase the white power saving bulb Which is about 10 watts.

5. Don’t use the washing machine all the time: At times you have to do manual washing by using the hands because the washing machine is a very large power consuming electronic.

By using these steps, your electric units will last for months and you don’t need to spend much all the time.

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