How To Look Preppy In Dungarees Trend (Denim Overalls)

Vanessa Okwara

The ’90s are having a great time in the fashion world this season and dungarees or denim overalls are back in full force! Dungarees are making its way back on scene.

Good old dungaree has been slipping in and out of fashion scene because very few fashionistas know how to slay in it.

Dungarees have been in the fashion world for a long time and it has since maintained its uniqueness.

There was a time when the idea of a lady over the age of six in overalls was ludicrous. But these days, fashionable ladies are seriously rocking overalls in a really fierce way as a fashion item.

Denim dungarees are probably the safest to wear especially if you are trying out this trend for the first time.

They are your best bet when you are aiming for something casual, you can also try out other fabrics like leather. Pair your dungarees with a white tee shirt, crop top or a tank top; this gives you that casual look. Finish it with a pair of sandals, flats or sneakers.

It doesn’t have to be in a saggy unflattering manner, you can make overalls really stylish. You just need to know how to put your outfit together the right way.

Choose grown-up accessories. To avoid looking like a toddler in overalls, leave the bows, backpacks and pigtails at home. Instead, go for structured bags, sleek gold jewelry and a topknot to finish your look.

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