Dashing In Cropped Agbada For Guys

Vanessa Okwara

There seems to be a paradigm shift in what men in Nigeria wear these days to special events; from black tie to traditional outfits. Now, Agbada, the Yoruba flowing wide sleeved robe, usually decorated with embroidery, is fast becoming a trend.

Stylish men have taken the Agbada trend to a whole new level as the proudly showcase their African heritage in different styles of Abgada ranging from the free flowing to what is referred to as the cropped Agbada. Different designers now have their own pattern of making Agbada to look modern and fitting rather than the large free flowing robe that was worn in the past.


Cropped Agbada is probably the most unusual trend that has caught the Nigeria’s men fashion industry by storm. The cropped Agbada looks smart and interesting; making the younger generation to identify and adapt to this trend rather quickly. Now we see different versions of cropped Agbada on red carpet worn by dashing and fashionable young men.


Season of several short holidays is a perfect time to rock your well designed cropped Agbada as you attend special events with friends and family.

Of course, that will be when the Coronavirus lockdown is lifted and we can back to living our normal lives, attend parties every Saturday and generally enjoy the good things of life. For now, let’s just feast our eyes on these classy cropped Agbadas!

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