COVID-19: Akwa Ibom Rejects ExxonMobil Vehicles Donation  

     Anthonia Duru  

The Akwa Ibom State Government on Sunday rejected 10 vehicles donated to it by ExxonMobil to aid in contact tracing of people suspected to have been infected by COVID-19 in the state.

Although the government accepted and commended the company for the donation on Friday, its Information Commissioner, Charles Udoh, issued a statement on Sunday, rejecting the vehicles on the grounds that they had been assessed and found to be too old and unworthy for the  onerous task of contact tracing.

The statement partly read: “The vehicles are considered too old and not in good enough operational conditions to withstand the rigour of contact tracing which they were meant to serve.” 

However, the government accepted two ambulances and 20 hospital beds, which were also donated by the oil company.

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