Coronavirus: Obasa Calls For Increased Sensitisation

By Shola Adewunmi

The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt (Hon) Mudashiru Obasa, during plenary session on Thursday, called on the Lagos State government to increase sensitization and citizen awareness on the coronavirus situation disturbing the world at the moment.

The Speaker commended the State Government for the preventive measures taken so far, insisting that the sensitization of Lagosians on the prevention, symptoms and treatment of the virus must be increased through radio and television broadcasts and jingles in English and all other indigenous languages.

He also suggested a routine meeting with all market stakeholders and other vulnerable centers such as motor parks, food vendors to keep them aware on the sensitivity of the virus.

He encouraged Lagosians to maintain good hygiene, practice social distancing as much as possible and most importantly, adhere to the health procedures recommended by the World Health Organization and other health agencies as the countries unite to fight this virus.

Obasa also warned against the stigmatization for people who may be suspected or have been confirmed to be infected with the virus, stating that the COVID-19 is not a death sentence, especially when detected early and all prevention and treatment guidelines are adhered to.

This was supported by all the lawmakers that were present at plenary through a voice vote and the Speaker then ordered the Clerk of the House, Mr. Azeez Sanni to send a message to the Governor on the issue as agreed upon by the lawmakers.

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