Classy Power Of Kimono (Photos)

Vanessa Okwara

The kimono is a definite must-have for today’s fashion enthusiast. It’s easy, comfy and can add the perfect dose of chic to your look. It’s been around for a while now and keeps evolving as different designs and fabrics lend power to this awesome trend.

One way the kimono is proving to be worth buying is its ability to add some ‘oomph’ to your outfit. It comes in a number of lengths, colours, patterns and prints, so your outfit takes on a life of its own. With this kind of addition, you don’t need to do too much underneath so as not to overwhelm your look.

You can rock anything from a tank top to a sleeveless jumpsuit under your kimono and still look great. The key is minimalism.

In Nigeria, we’ve taken the kimono styling a notch higher by incorporating our local fabric, Ankara into the designs and they come out looking fashionable and chic. Celebrities both here and outside the country have all fused the kimono power to their style and they come out slaying all of the time.

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