BRT Buses May End Services Next Week In Lagos

Operator of the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Primero Transport Service Ltd has announced plans to withdraw its services on May 25.

The transport services mentioned management problems and other issues as one of its reasons, a source told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

According to the source, the company might likely run out of diesel and other supplies that would likely disrupt BRT operations next week.

“Primero is planning to withdraw all its buses from the road from May 25. The company is running out of diesel,” the source said.

It was disclosed that the company is running at a loss, hence owing suppliers.

This may be connected to the new outlines for BRT buses in Lagos in order to curb coronavirus pandemic.

The company is currently running at a loss.

“Suppliers have not been supplying diesel fully because the firm is owing them.

“Primero will run out of supply of diesel and other supplies by Monday. So it is not likely the buses will run,” the source added.

Meanwhile, efforts to talk with the Managing Director of the company, Mr Fola Tinubu on the development proved abortive.

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