Amaechi Is So Cold About It

By Yinka Odumakin

When Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi appeared before the Senate in 2015 to be screened for two portfolios, he submitted an interesting CV. .

He was a graduate of English but with his only working experience being at Pal­mo Clinic in Port Harcourt.

It was not that because literature deals with all disciplines but for the fact that Pal­mo Clinic belongs to Dr Peter Odili who runs politics in that second address.At best he was a political errand boy around the politician as the best he could do in the clinic was to issue cards to patients.

He could not have changed the story since he was not one of the returnees from abroad with the license to forge their sto­ries.

His tale was simply that from hang­ing around Dr Odili, he ran for Assembly elections, got elected and became Speaker for 8 years and thereafter for another two terms as governor to become one of the deep pockets for 2015 project.

He is one of the big boys of Nigeria pol­itics today and he can afford to throw it at us once in a while because having plenty of cash means you don’t have to process your thought too much.

There was a time he told us that they (politicians) steal so much because we the electorates are too feeble to stone.

And by last Sunday he spoke with a newspaper where he confessed that “it was unemployment that drove me into politics”

He said his father was a politician who ran for councillorship during his time. But he didn’t make much impression on him to want to be a politician “However, I didn’t join politics because I wanted to be a leader or because I wanted to solve Nigeria’s prob­lems. I joined because of unemployment. I also believe there is a part that grace played in it.”

He almost became a wretched journalist really.

“I actually got auditioned at the Nigeria Television Authority to be a broadcaster. I recall that I walked into their office then and said I wanted to see a certain person. But the person I met asked me if I had been auditioned because I had a wonder­ful voice. I told him I hadn’t and he asked for me to be auditioned. However, before the employment letter came, I was already into politics. That saved me. I would have been a broadcaster by now.”

You know what he was” saved “” from even when he would hug the media for publicity today.

The true confession of Amaechi that he didn’t join politics to be a leader or to change Nigeria is the driving force of our politics today, it is just that Amaechi is be­ing very honest about it.

Please hold my hand and show me how many of our politicians conduct public af­fairs in a way suggestive of being driven by desire to lead or to save the society. They do just about everything to ruin it.

Majority of our politicians today are in politics just because it is about the only crime you do without consequence. It is just a wonder that our people still expect their lives to get any better under these types.

How come that a society that was once run by men like Obafemi Awolowo, Nnam­di Azikiwe and Tafawa Balewa is now be­ing driven by dregs? If you watched the video of Balewa’s visit to America shortly after independence, you will see the brand of men that wanted to lead. How would you not see the preparation to lead in Zik? I was moved to tears watching Gen. Alabi Isama 2018 TV interview asking what all those who came to Ibadan after Awolowo put on Western Nigeria Television, Liberty Stadium, Cocoa House, Bodoja Estate et al.

Are we still saying we don’t know there is a link between leadership vision and development?

A rulership not driven by desire to lead or save society can’t take you beyond where you are in Nigeria. Hold 200 elections, your condition will get worse!

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