5 Things You Should Not Do Immediately After Eating

There are habits we do everyday that are dangerous and risky to your health, sometimes when you have your meal and you lie down on the bed, it causes problem in your body system.

Here are five things you should not do immediately after eating;

1. Smoking Immediately After Eating.

Smoking is not good for your health normally, then when you take it immediately after having your meal, it is worst.

Nicotine is a substance that is contained in Cigarette.

It restrains Oxygen In the body which is very essential for digestion.

According to researchers, when you smoke cigarettes after eating your meal it is same as smoking 15 cigarettes at once. This causes lung cancer.

If at all you want to smoke cigarettes, you can do that after 30-1 hour.

2. Don’t sleep immediately after meal;

Do not sleep or take a nap Immediately after eating your food, sometimes you might feel tired and want to take a short nap but this is not healthy. The digestive juices moves back to the oesophagus because of the way you lay down, because of the juices are acidic it can cause acid reflux (burning the layers of the oesophagus). You can wait for 30 minutes for the food to digest before you can sleep.

3. Don’t Take A Shower immediately after meal

Taking a shower immediately after eating is bad for your health, you should take at least 30 minutes before you take a shower. Because lots of energy and blood flow are required in digestion of food in the body. But the blood required for digesting the food moves towards the skin to release heat when taking a shower, and this causes indigestion or difficulty in digestion.

4. Do not drink tea Immediately after eating a meal.

Teas are good for the body but it shouldn’t be taken immediately after eating your meal. This is because when taking it after a meal it might interfere with the absorption of iron in the body, tannic acid is contained in tea and it restrains the protein and iron from the food you ate. This process can cause 85% decrease in absorption of iron and deficiency of iron may result to fatigue, anemia, dizziness.

5. Don’t Take Cold water immediately after a meal.

Ice water is good, it chills the body and reduces high temperature but it is not meant to be taken immediately after meal. Cold water does not allow food to digest well because it clumps with the food. Warm water is preferable because it helps to absorb the nutrients from the food better.

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